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Cobra AH-1F Helicopter Service History

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(Overseas history of Cobra AH-1F 67-15475)

          The following text describing the battle damage to the Cobra helicopter 67-15475 was provided by Thomas J. Whelan who served with the 173rd airborne in Vietnam.  Tom has also written a book about his experiences as an airborne trooper entitled “A Knights Journey into Shangri-La”.

March, 1967

  • Arrived in Vietnam

27 July, 1969

  • Damaged because of weapon malfunction

  • 1,142 hours combat flown

6 February, 1970

  • Shot down by heavy enemy ground fire while providing armed escort to medi-vac helicopters: both crewmen wounded.

  • 1,792 hours combat flown

15 April 1970

  • Damaged while providing direct fire support to infantry

 13 July, 1970

  • Shot down by heavy small arms fire while providing support for heavily armed escort mission

  • 2,092 hours combat flown

19 January, 1971

  • Severely damaged by hostile fire while providing direct escort protection to ground troops

  • 2,471 hours combat flown

6 July, 1971

  • Damaged by heavy ground fire on a heavily armed escort mission

  • 2,745 hours combat flown

July – December, 1971

  • Flew with 3/17 Cavalry “C” troop

  • 3,127 hours combat flown

December 1971

  • Acquired by U.S. Navy maintenance group, taken to Naval Air Station in St. Louis


  • Taken to Hawaii and issued to 25th Infantry Division barracks


  • De-commissioned


  • History is unclear.  The helicopter was back in the United States.  Tail stencils indicate that it was issued to the Tennessee National Guard.

2 August, 2005

  • The helicopter bought six months earlier for $6,000.00, arrives at Veterans’ Memorial Park, in Dixon, Illinois.  At stat, Route 2 and Palmyra Road, from Fort Drum, N.Y.