Veteran's Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Parkway
PO BOX 591
Dixon, Illinois 61021

To Create....

A place devoted to ALL who have dedicated their lives to the preservation of the Freedoms of this great Country…

A place that, through the honorable display of authentic artifacts, will serve as a podium from which the appreciation for ALL those who have served this great Country will be spoken…

A place to prompt future generations to contemplate the sacrifices and costs of obtaining and maintaining the Freedoms of this great Country.

Witticisms of Reagan
"If we ever forget that we're one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under."

- Ronald Reagan,
Native Son & Veteran


Memorial Construction pictorials

Using the links below or to the left, you can view the various stages of the Veterans Memorial construction.  It begins with the ground breaking and goes all the way through to what the monument looks like today.  Additional photos will be added as the construction progress continues and as special events occur.  Check back often!

In addition to the pictorials; be sure to view the Current Events page which contains newspaper articles and links to other veteran's websites!

Artists Conception

Ground Breaking
& Aerial Shots

Cement Work Begins


Monument &

Legacy Stone Walkway


Ships Anchor

M-60 Main Battle Tank

Helicopter Gunship

F-105 Thunderchief
Duece and Ambulance

Sign & Field Cross

Armed Forces

Winter Park

Nighttime at the Park